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Facts about US version of Gothic3
Written by zyklop   
Dienstag, 10 Oktober 2006

The Portal rpgdot.com asked US publisher aspyr about the release date, changes to the european version and other facts. Here´s the summarized answer:

  • Release date
    The date given on Aspyr´s site (Nov 13th) is not final: "We have not made an announcement on an official release date. The date you see on our site is a good bookmark though. As soon as we can lock down an official date we'll let you know."
  • ESRB rating
    "The ESRB gave the U.S. version of Gothic 3 a Teen (T) rating this week. A T rating clears Gothic 3 as suitable for ages 13 and older." (source: Gothic3.Aspyr.com)
  • Packaging & medium
    The game will ship on DVD only "in an Amaray DVD case with a wrap that includes a flap."
  • Collector´s Edition
    Not planned.
  • System requirements
    The system requirements have been posted on the official site. Link see above.
  • Differences US <-> UK versions
    • Gameplay: "There will only be one version of Gothic 3 worldwide. I can't stress that enough. One version.[...]In-game content is identical."
    • Credits: Will be modified to include Aspyr.
    • Intro: "I believe our intro movie will have some minor technical tweaks (taking advantage of the extra time), but this will be minor. Content of the movie will be the same. And obviously the intro movie does not affect gameplay."
  • Patches:
    Here´s the full quote, since this sems to be main reason for the delay:
    "It is true that the US version will ship later than the UK version. As such, the US version will ship with any updates and fixes available from the first Gothic 3 patch that will be released. Instead of downloading the first patch like the European gamers, US gamers will already have the updates in their retail copy when it ships. This bit of detail may be causing the confusion and may be why some people think the US version will be "different." "
  • Translation and voice overs
    "The UK and US versions will have the same translation and voice overs."

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