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Interview with exec. producer Blaine Christine
Written by zyklop   
Samstag, 11 November 2006

On the official publisher site from Aspyr apperead an interview with executive producer Blaine Christine. Among other infos they talk about the improved US version of Gothic3 with all patches included.

So what kind of fixes and changes are we talking about?

Developer Piranha Bytes has made many improvements since the game first shipped in Europe. Melee combat with creatures has been tweaked so that wild boars will no longer dispatch the hero with ease and go on to ravage entire villages. For the spellcasters out there, many of the spells now scale in damage in relation to the Arcane Knowledge attribute, making spells such as Fireball useful all the way to the end of the game for extended face melting pleasure. These tweaks also make it easier to focus on magic even earlier in the game. Additionally, there have been many fixes to resolve minor issues found with some of the quests and game endings to ensure that players are properly rewarded for their efforts.

Read the rest of the interview at Aspyr

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